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Hi there, I am Xaviera Hegie - Each day I start with a smile, because I enjoy continuing experiencing the excitement of working towards my life projects' highlights

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The beauty of artistic difference and interpretation - We don't always have similar thoughts. It's the effort you take to open your mind to understand eachothers imagination to use them as a contribution.

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I love writing about new learned things, about topics that interest me and people around me. That's why I have a video weblog about my time here, combinated with cooking.

I videolog (vlog) about Cooking and Traveling

Starring in one of my videos demonstrating a cookingtrick on my blog.

I like to feel healthy, so that's why most of the time I eat healthy. My challenge was to cook every day without effort, because I don't like to give up my precious hours. Nowadays I teach simple tricks that everybody can apply in their lifes. Because it is important to eat together and feel like you are your best self. In the Netherlands I have built a network with whom I share my food and travel experiences all over the world.

The good thing about this is that I can do it from anywhere in the world and it keeps me getting into peoples lifes, kitchens. What I love about food and cooking:

Food brings people closer together

It's a great subject to get into eachtothers mind

It's a neverending learning experience you can practise almost everywhere

The feeling of discovering and sharing new delicious combinations makes me happy

Everybody has a different opinion about food

If you don't speak the same language, food can be the communicator

Relaxation & Mindset

I believe in doing what you love to do all day - following your heart. That makes you feel free and energetic forever. It gives the world what it needs: The feeling of being beloved.

See Action Paradise

Action Paradise

All set? Action! Unpredictability - I seek that. Just go with the flow, let yourself be carried by the wind. Just for a change, to compensate for my usual way of living where I like to have everything cleared out.

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Acting in commercials, movies and tvshows is my idea of having a fun time.

Some videos with me acting:


I love writing about new learned things, about topics that interest me and people around me. That's why I have a video weblog about my time here, combined with cooking.

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Discover more of my skills

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Doing something for other people, without direct financial compensation for it.

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How I Appear In Other Minds

Mariëlle de Haan - Silverdome (Student)

A sweet caring and friendly lady, that doesn't give up on you easily.
She can be quite a perfectionist without losing her goals.

Emmy van Belzen - I EmPower (Master Human And Organisational Behavior)

Xaviera is somebody who is working solution focused and earthly-minded.
She can adapt quickly as a creative person.

Albert de Vries - Boot & Co (Agriculture Entrepreneur)

I think of her as an energetic creative entrepreneur.
She attaches to projects or things she wants to get done.